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What does ethical fashion actually mean? Why should it matter?

We know that ethical fashion is a term that’s being used a lot recently. As one of the brands that is using this term, we wanted to explain in more detail what it really means and why it’s important.


  • ‘Ethical’ – relating to beliefs about what is morally right and wrong.
  • ‘Ethically’ – in a way that is morally right or relates to moral principles.
  • Ethical Fashion – clothing that is made through processes that are morally right.

In simple terms, ethical fashion takes good care of the people who are making your clothes. They are paid well, have good working conditions and are cared about by the company that employs them.

When looking at fashion in particular, this means that clothing is made in a morally good and considered way. It involves slowing the production process down so that each step in the clothing’s life is thought-through to ensure it has a positive impact.

We strongly believe that when we are adding products to the world, we should only do this if we are adding positive benefits in the process. Producing our garments with ethical principles ensures we are adding positively to the world.

When you make a purchase, your money goes to the company that you’ve bought that product from. The company then decides how that money is spent. It’s important that you trust the company that you shop with. You should feel confident that they will spend your money in a way that makes you happy.

How is XIIC ethical?

Behind our clothes, there are real people.

  • The people are ethically employed. This means they are well paid and that they have healthy and safe working conditions.
  • Our garments are Made ensuring high quality production and skills, as well as keeping the carbon footprint of each garment to an absolute minimum – it’s a physical footstep from making the garment to sending it.
  • We create garments that make our customer’s feel incredible. We commit to only making garments that we believe will make someone feel amazing.
  • We consciously design our garments so that they can be worn time and time again. Buy making it Timeless
  • Quality is incredibly important to us. We want the garments that we make to last.
  • We never over-produce our garments. We make the garment once you as a customer order it. We only produce what is actually ordered to avoid huge amount of clothing.


We work with suppliers who we know and trust.

  • Fabric, trims & packaging – wherever possible we work with are based suppliers in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint within our supply chain.
  • Garment production – when we do need to get support with our production (sometimes the volume of demand for our garments is more than we can physically produce in a working week) we work with suppliers in that we have great relationships with and knows our ethical way.

XIIC’s Perspective

This is written from our perspective. It’s our understanding of what ethical fashion is and how we can contribute positively.

We feel that it’s important for consumers to understand where their money goes, as ultimately you can impact the direction of the industry through your purchase choices.

Therefore, in order to get a full picture of ethical fashion as a whole, we recommend conducting your own research into this topic. There are lots of online resources that provide thorough information into ethical fashion.